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How to Improve Design of Your Website For Better Use

Should you improve design for your website? If you aren’t sure, then check this out: Online viewers only need 50 milliseconds to decide whether or not they should leave your website. 94% of the time, these first impressions are actually design related. Website design goes beyond just the appearance of your website, it is also…

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The 10 Signs That Prove You Need to Get a New Web Design

new web design

In today’s digital landscape, you need a stellar design for anyone to look twice at your site. If your current design isn’t up to par, you may need to look into new web design services. You have a website. You have content. It looks fine, right? How do you know if you need a new…

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The Importance of Website Design for Business Success

Having a website is an important part of having a successful business in the modern age. Just as importantly, that website has to be well designed. Imagine you want a nice hot bowl of soup. Do you go into the run-down restaurant that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since Reagan was in office, or…

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Website Design Trends to Expect in 2017

With 2017 still fresh underway, you can’t help but wonder: What website design trends are we going to see this year? And how can you not wonder? Technology and the way people interact with it is constantly changing. Structure, layout, colors, UI, typography … everything seems to change. One moment we’re using Comic Sans and…

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The Best WordPress Themes to Boost Speed

Remember the days of dial-up internet, when every web page would take thirty seconds or a minute to fully load? You’d catch the header, first, and then the subtitles, and finally the images and content. Meanwhile, you’d sip your coffee, tap your foot impatiently, and jab at the keyboard screaming, “Come on, already!!!!” Well, gone are…

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7 Top Tips to Grow SEO for Business This Year

In internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always the talk of the town. It’s popular. It’s big. On this land, Google is the king, boasting about 68 percent of the search engine market share as of 2016. For your site to be friendly and appealing to search engines, you need to optimize it, update…

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