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10 Best WordPress Plugins For 2018

The experts at Adxotic Web Design & SEO decided to rank and award 10 Best Plugins For WordPress Web Design in 2018.  Not every web designer is going to agree with us, and that is okay.  These are our favorite plugins we choose to use on a daily basis and have proved to work the best with WordPress. 

Voted Best Hosting Service

Wp Engine

Before you start building a WordPress Website in 2018, I would strongly advise you to find a website host who is going to help your website with Speed, Security,  Server Size and make sure it has great customer service.  We all know that we spend time on the live chats, or on the phone once or twice a year with our host. Make sure your host provides you with an SSL, CDN, and also check out if they include easy to use migrating tools like WP Engine does.  They have a great tool which you can download and use if you need to switch over to their service if you are switching from a service like Siteground.   Now there is nothing wrong with Siteground and is a good alternative if you are watching your cost, but WP engine is the Cadillac of hosting. 

Voted Best Plug In Play Builder

Beaver Builder

Before I started building websites on WordPress in 2012, I learned using Weebly because of how incredibly easy it was to build a basic website.   I thought WordPress was very difficult to use and finding out how to build on the platform was a bit challenging until I found BEAVER BUILDER.  This plugin makes it easy for anyone who wants to use WordPress to build a simple and most basic website.  When you purchase Beaver Builder, you will also receive its Child Themes, that make it easy for the beginner to build a website that is going to look very good.  Now I am going, to be honest, there is a massive difference between someone who is a beginner in Beaver Builder and an expert.  We are expert beaver builders and can make anything happen, but this is a great platform for someone who wants to start a blog or need a website for their business.  The plugin continues to improve and in 2018 the developers released Beaver Themer which has been an excellent addition. 

Voted Best Plug In For Speeding Up Your Website

WP Rocket

Since it is imperative to have a fast website in 2018 because the end users give you about 25 seconds to get their attention it is imperative to find a plugin that will not only speed your site up for users but also for the search engines.   WP rocket is the best plugin to speed up that website so it not only satisfies google algorithm updates but also shows amazing results in GT Metrix.  WP rocket will bring your website to another dimension with is a capability of speeding up your WordPress site.

Voted Best WordPress Form Plugin

Gravity Forms

Most websites in 2018 have a form to capture a visitors information.  There are many good plugins that we could use to input forms on our website that we design, but gravity forms have been the best and easiest to use.  With the gravity forms plugin and with powerpack added to the beaver builder plugin, you can do a lot of cool styling with each form.  The ability with gravity forms to integrate with several other platforms is what gives gravity forms over something like ninja forms.  

Voted Best WordPress WooCommerce Plugin

Ali Dropship

If you are trying to build a drop shipping business in 2018 and you know how to use Woocommerce on WordPress the best plugin is AliDropship.  This plugin works with Google Chrome and syncs right to your site.  It is pretty amazing that with a click of the mouse, the product you want to import into your site appears on your site with images and prices loaded.  The settings tab also makes it very easy to change the price to all your products based on multiplying by the wholesale price.  We use it on our watch band for apple watches and have had great success with it. 

Voted Best WordPress SEO Plugin

SEO Pressor

This has gotten to be a very difficult award to give out because there are so many good SEO plugins now.  Many web design and SEO experts have grown accustomed to SEO Yoast or All-in-one.   Those are great plugins but SEO Pressor has taken it to a new level.  The plugin allows you to find LSI keywords and also helps you with on-page SEO better than any of the other plugins.   It will also show dead links, grade your whole site, and takes care of schema on each page.  It is a great plugin and has given some of our clients a little boost since we switched over to the SEO Pressor plugin.