5 Things Your Local SEO Company Isn’t Telling You

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You receive many messages about local SEO strategies for your small business. What’s better. What’s worse. What to do. What not to do.

But are you always getting the most factual and current information?

Let’s take a look at 5 things your local SEO company isn’t telling you.

1. Some Slight Variations are OK

As you work to improve your local SEO strategy, you want to know what matters most. A common concern is that if your business name has minor differences when placed in quotations, it can’t be effective for SEO.

The truth is, Google can recognize these slight variations as the same business. You will still be able to optimize your search engine efforts, even if the words are rearranged.

Google notes the contact information when categorizing businesses. It’s able to identify “two” businesses with identical contact information as the same business.

2. Aborting an Automated Citation Service is Risky

Your local SEO company may not prepare you for this one. When you cancel an automated citation service, your name, address and phone number (NAP) might no longer be secure in its updated version.

Studies suggest that there is a chance that your listings will either disappear entirely or regress back to their former inaccurate condition following the cancellation.

This isn’t intentional on the part of the service. But when you cancel, the lock to secure your listing no longer functions. This leads to possible errors when people search for you.

3. Citation Building Isn’t the Only Way

Your local SEO company may genuinely believe that citation building is the only kind of back-linking method necessary for small businesses to achieve higher rankings.

In reality, competitive markets demand more than just this strategy. To really blow your competition’s rankings out of the water, you’ll want to use citation building in conjunction with other back-linking methods.

4. Consistency Does Matter

You’ll want to ensure that all information you provide publicly is consistent across all sites. Pay special attention to your NAP. This is how potential customers will find you.

Non-identical listings also harm your rankings because your one business is now acting like two businesses competing with each other.

5. Yelp, Facebook, and Google Are Just The Beginning

Your local SEO company might not be telling you that every online business directory influences your local rankings. It doesn’t matter how often they’re used or how favored they are.

With more than 100 web directories, it can be challenging to make sure your information is consistent across them all. Yet doing so is essential to successfully strategize your web presence. This might take a lot of time and energy, but it is nonetheless important.

The Local SEO Company That’s Right For You

Keeping up with all the new SEO information can feel overwhelming, especially as you juggle SEO strategies with day-to-day business management. There’s a lot to keep track of to ensure your business is viewed in a positive light.

If you’d like more information on SEO strategies and how to make your business the best it can be, check us out!

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