How to Improve Design of Your Website For Better Use

improve designShould you improve design for your website?

If you aren’t sure, then check this out:

Online viewers only need 50 milliseconds to decide whether or not they should leave your website. 94% of the time, these first impressions are actually design related.

Website design goes beyond just the appearance of your website, it is also focused on how your website works.

Use our guide below to learn how you can strengthen the design of your website for better usage today.

1. Update the Typography

If you need to improve design for your website, then the first thing you should do is update the typography.

Larger text sizes and unique font on your website can help visitors navigate your website better and quickly relay the information that you want to share with them.

When updating your typography to grab the attention of your potential customers, you should also consider:

  • Making the font bolder
  • Changing the color
  • Emphasizing the font

2. Add Attractive Images

Beyond changing your text, you also need to add images to further grab the attention of your website visitors.

If possible, use professional photos of your business, employees, and services or products. If that isn’t an available option for you, then consider adding stock photography to your website instead.

Visual content can help you truly connect with your audience and encourage them to stay on your website longer to make a sale.

The key here is to use images wisely. Place them strategically, and only in a context that makes them relevant and non-generic. You want them to support your content and provide a visual break from text, not overwhelm your audience

3. Include White Space

When working to improve design, you should know that white space is one of the biggest ways to improve the design of your website for better use.

White space can help make your important content stand out, while also contributing to the visual hierarchy of your website. It is essential to a great design because this makes your content more legible and increase overall attention.

In fact, white space around text on your website can increase user attention by 20%.

When designing, make sure you find the balance between what you need to communicate and then surround that with white space to highlight said image or text.

4. Add More Well-Written Headings

To further help your audience easily navigate your website, you should make sure that your headings are well-written.

Research to choose the right headings and make sure that they stand out on your website, to improve the searchability. These headings should also ensure that potential consumers find content that speaks to them directly.

Headings that stand out will also target the overall message of your website and what you’re trying to sell, while also attracting the right audience to make a sale.

5. Engaging Calls to Action

When working to improve design for your website, make sure that your icons and buttons are clearly marked calls to action.

This will further the ability of your potential customers to easily navigate your site and get where they want faster.

When creating buttons for your website that stand out, make sure that you follow a specific color theme. Colors can evoke different emotions for consumers, so think about the message you want to give and choose accordingly.

Change up the words for your buttons as well.

A strong call to action should include a verb or action word to convince the consumers to do something. Make your words bold, time sensitive, and action-oriented so they leave an emotional connection with your audience.

These can also work for social media icons on your website, to encourage visitors to check out your social networks as well. Your potential consumers can be powerful at communication, so do your best to take advantage of that.

6. Quicken the Page Speed

These days, when consumers browse online, they expect a fast result for the content they want. If they don’t get that, then they’ll ditch your website.

In fact, a 2-second delay in load time can lead to abandonment rates of up to 87%.

If you need help with the loading time of your website, then take advantage of Google. You’ll be able to get information on your page speed and they’ll offer you suggestions on how to improve your load time for mobile and desktop platforms.

Plus, when you make your loading speed faster, you’ll also be more likely to make it onto the first page of Google, making it more efficient for viewers to find you as well.

7. Use Hyperlink Differentiation

When you add links to your website, make sure that they are easily identifiable so that users know you want them to click there.

You can strengthen your hyperlinks by underlining text and using different colors to draw the attention in. The longer the length of your hyperlinks can also increase the ability to identify them on your website as well.

8. Add More Bullets

Last but not least, to improve design for your website, make sure that you add plenty of bullets.

Bullets can help viewers gather all the information they want in a short amount of time.

This can make your message more attractive and also help convince the users to stay on the website as all the information they want is right there.

Plus, these days, there are plenty of cool icons to help you get creative with your bullets and increase the number of attractive visuals on your website.

Bullets can also help increase the amount of white space surrounding the lists, allowing the audience to focus more clearly on each individual section. Again, the white space means a more effective website design overall.

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