Marketing For Car Wrap Companies Increases Profits in 2018

Our website marketing company scaled a car wrap business in St. Louis Missouri to record sales!

Car wrap marketing company

In 2016 our website marketing company was approached by Auto Styles to help them with their marketing campaign.   This company was a startup in St. Louis, Mo and have never been in the business.  They needed a website built, an online presence, and a social media presence.  So for this business, it was nothing but moving the needle forward as they had nothing to base their past history on.   However, our company had an uphill battle with this project.   We had to work on a limited budget to build the website, and to find a way to get a marketing presence within a very limited budget.

The first 6 months were rather rough for Auto Styles but they understood that website marketing can take 12-18 months before things start to transpire.  We generated most of our traffic for them through Google Adwords.  As their organic rankings started to climb up their SERP, we lowered the AdWords budget because organic traffic was picking up slowly around month 5.   As we hit month 9 we eliminated the Adwords and was getting a lot of traffic from our organic searches.   The company was getting forms filled out online, and the phone was ringing.  By the end of year 1, the company had 100 leads a month and was doing $50,000 in revenue.  Most of the leads were nurtured and imported into a CRM.  We learned that a customer who inquires is most likely to purchase from 2 weeks to 4 months.

Our website marketing company had found a way to market car wrap companies in many metropolitan areas now. Some companies pay us per lead and others are signed up to work with us on a monthly retainer.    Auto Styles is a great case study for any car wrap business looking to get help with their website marketing.  But I would advise any car wrap company that is looking to work with us or any other car wrap marketing company that they won't start to see a return for up to 1 year.  However, after that one year, they will see great returns.

If you are interested in working with Adxotic Website Marketing email and we can talk about our marketing plans for car wrap companies.