Website Marketing Service Plans

Our plans get you support for ongoing results and growth

Website Marketing Is A Key Component To Your Business

Your website should be the hardest working aspect of your business and is critical to your growth. Your website generates your business leads, customers, and revenue. It is the simplest way the customers, suppliers, potential employees, and partners communicate with your company.

Your website works for you 24/7, and you want to make sure it is running at full capacity with no interruptions at all times so you can create success.

Everything Needs Updating Especially Software

It is imperative to have all of your software up to date, so your website is protected from being potentially hacked. The problem is that all software is prone to be hacked including the software that operates your website. You hear about in the news all the time, so it is imperative to keep everything current for preventive measures.

Stay Up To Date With New Strategies

The question you need to ask yourself is, do you want to be an innovator or an imitator?  Your competition is out there try creating new websites and online strategies and it is extremely important to stay ahead of the pack and lead the way.  Your competitors should be chasing you, not you chasing your competitors.   Just remember being Proactive you control a situation, while being reactive the situation controls you. 

DIY (The Do It Yourself Method)

You can keep up with updating your website, backing it up, securing it and finding a way to market to bring in new fresh leads into your business but this process is extremely time-consuming.  As a business owner or marketing director, you should be focused on what is important which is developing relationships with your current clients.  The evolution of online marketing continues which makes digital marketing a full-time job.  

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Chris Spenner
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Our Website Marketing Service Plans Include

Wordpress Maintenance Reporting

Unlimited Changes To Your Content

You should be focusing on your customers and growing your business. You should not be thinking about logging into your website, updating it, and looking for new marketing ideas. 

We make it easy for you!  Just email us any content or image changes and we will take care of it promptly. Our response time is phenomenal, and since we set everything up we can make changes quickly. 

Security and Software Updates

You may think babysitting a website is not that important but we can assure you that when we perform our monthly service on your website everything with stay secure and running smoothly.  We ensure that we update your software, security measures, and performance optimization.


Create The Great Looking Web Page

To convert website traffic into leads and customers, it is imperative that the first impression they get is that you have a clean, fantastic looking website.

In order to capture the attention of a website visitor, it is important to include content that is answering the problem the visitor is looking to solve. Website platforms like WordPress make it easy to create simple changes to your content.

We make it easy for you to create stunning landing pages that may seem complicated but because of our drag and drop interface, all things are possible.

It's fast loading; mobile optimized and includes pre-made templates so you can add content such as sign up forms, call to action buttons, image galleries, and even entire web page layouts within minutes.

Our PageBuilder makes it faster for you to build your pages and faster for our team to create them for you, saving you both time and money.

Page Builder Templates

Consulting Services & Training

1 on 1 Consulting Services:  Get strategy sessions with Chris Spenner to get a handle on your digital marketing strategy.  We will review your websites:

  • Performance 
  • Learn About Your Goals
  • Develop A Plan
  • Maximize your website 


Training Guides: We will make you a step by step video on managing content, SEO, or your E-Commerce.  


Monthly Newsletter: Our monthly newsletter includes targeted articles specific to website growth and digital marketing.


Service Plans that provide much more than website maintenance

We give you the tools and skills to succeed

Add On Services

You can add these to any of our packages.

Increase your website speed

A large factor in getting your website ranked is having a fast website.   The load speed is critical to user experience, which is why "Google" loves fast websites.   You don't have much time to grab the attention of a consumer, the last thing you want is a slow website.

Slow loading websites are often the cause:


  • High Bounce Rate
  • Fewer Leads
  • Less Revenue

We use the best WordPress hosting available that includes a built-in Content Delivery Network (CDN) and is optimized performance so your website loads faster for your visitors - anywhere in the world.

What is a CDN you ask?

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first page of google

Yearly Update and Website Service Call

Just like anything else in technology, things change, evolve, and things get more complex.  Our website upgrades or tune-up service gives your website the ability to work efficiently without any glitches.  A lot of websites are built in WordPress which uses plugins that could be outdated, upgraded, or just stop working with newer WordPress upgrades.   We essentially keep that website looking fresh and acting like it did the first day it went live.

Our Website Tune-Up includes:

  • Complete security scan to keep your visitors safe 
  • Full website backup 
  • Speed optimization to improve website load time for your visitors
  • Website software upgrades for better security and latest WordPress features
  • Broken link scan and fixing for better SEO
  • Detailed website review and recommendations report

2 hours of support, design & development time is included to help fix any issues and implement key recommendations.

Price: $499 single payment

Unlimited Content Changes, How is that possible?

I hope that it is not misleading you but we will change content and or images as long as it takes 30 minutes or less.  This will take care of the little changes like a testimonial or an introducing something new on your website. 

All you have to do is email us with your changes that you would like made, and if it is during normal business hours we will make changes typically within an hour or two. 

Here is our disclaimer :  Asking us to do tasks that are custom features like an online shop or membership section will not be included in the unlimited content changes. 

My site has been hacked before, what is your policy on this?

When you work with me you are getting several things to prevent your website from being hacked. However, if your site does get hacked, we will make sure we will be there to fix the website while working with the hosting company to get your site back up ASAP. 

Nothing is 100% guaranteed when it comes to having your website hacked, but we can give you a piece of mind knowing we will do everything to prevent it, and or be there to fix it in the rare case that it happens.

What is a consulting call?

We are very busy and we always tell all of our clients that email is the best way to get a hold of us. We can respond quickly and doesn't take a lot of time to answer.  

If you would like to schedule a video conference or a face to face meeting to go over changes, we will be more than happy to meet with you.  We understand that brainstorming and reviewing visual work can be better in person or on a video conference. 

These consulting calls are reserved for clients on our Results and Growth care plans. They help focus a trajectory of the website for growth and improvements. These sessions are often used for online screen-sharing small updates or providing training.

You simply book your consultation via our online calendar and we'll be ready with the agenda to make the most out of our call.

I need your help but not a plan you offer?

If you don't want a plan that we offer and you want something customized or need something else, just contact us and we will submit a quote over to you. 

However, many times we will evaluate requests that exceed your plan on a case by case basis, and with approval, work past the time and bill for the time exceeded at the support rate listed on your plan.

What is your hourly rate?

Before we get into hourly rates, we quote our potential clients with a fixed price so they can plan their budget.

There are some cases that we do charge per hour, and in those cases, we charge $145/hr in 10-hour blocks.    We know that you can find cheaper people out there but our experience and service are unmatched.  We assure you, that you won't find a company that will go that extra mile for the success of our clients.  

Our standard hourly rate is $145/hr for purchasing a block of 10 hours.

Do I have to host with your company?

No, you do not have to host with our company.  You will just need to give us access to your host or help change certain records when it comes time to make changes.  

Typically most of our clients host with us because they get a premium hosting service at a fraction of the price you would pay to host 1 website.  We host many websites, so we can get the best at a large break.

If you prefer to move your website to our Premium Web Hosting, we offer migration for a one-off fee of $200

How does your billing work?

Your Credit Card or PayPal account will be charged automatically at the start of each month.

I can't afford a website right now, do you finance a website?

Yes, we do finance a website for qualified businesses and owners.   We will allow companies to finance up to 36 months at a very low-interest rate.   The website that is financed must be hosted by our company and is not officially possession of your companies until the last payment has been made to our company. 

How long is your contract? Can I cancel ?

You cancel anytime you want.  We are not going to hold you to any contract or make you sign a contract. 

We are all about building a valuable relationship with you and your website, so we would hate to see you go but we know financial needs weigh on many decisions and don’t want to lock anyone in.